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snippet: National Park Service Public Roads
summary: National Park Service Public Roads
extent: [[-166.36314806012,15.2173609448456],[145.717985835479,68.1720378184247]]
accessInformation: NPS, AKRO, AK Department of Transportation, M.Johnson(NPS,Kotzebue), J.Cusick(NPS, Anchorage), URS(Anchorage), D.Kurtz (NPS,Kenai Fjords), Jon Paynter, B. Schroeder, Steve Homan, (NPS, Denali NP&P), B. Mangipane, Warren (Charles) Hill, Brian Dodd (NPS,Lake Clark NP&P), J.Wilbarger, A.Baldwin (NPS,Klondike NP), J.Scott, E.Guthrie, J.Baker S. Southworth, D. Rosenkrans-retired, E. Olson, (Wrangell-St. Elias NP&P), W.Rapp, R.Sherman, D.Vinson (Katmai NP&P), L.Fano, B. Eichenlaub, (Glacier Bay NP&P), C. Smith (Sitka NHP), D. Difolco, A.Freeburg, J.Rasic (Yukon Charley NP), Pat Biard, Michigan Technological University, Social Sciences Department), K. Meyer, B.Anderson (Alaska Regional Office, Natural Resources), D.Gewalt, S. Fierrea (Alaska Regional Office, Cultural Resources), B.Merrill, Paul Schrooten (Alaska Regional Office, Planning), S.Vantrease, B.Huebner, B.Harris (Alaska Regional Office, EPD), B. Strobe, S. Devenney (Alaska Regional Office, Lands). Private companies under contract included Aerometric, Anchorage Alaska, Walker Alaska, Anchorage Alaska, Aeromap, Anchorage Alaska, Quantum Spatial, Anchorage Alaska, R&M Consultants, Anchorage Alaska, Dowl Engineers, Anchorage Alaska,
thumbnail: thumbnail/thumbnail.png
typeKeywords: ["Data","Service","Map Service","ArcGIS Server"]
description: The purpose of creating and utilizing a road spatial data standard is to consolidate road spatial data and integrate the existing feature attribute information into a national database for reporting, planning, analysis and sharing purposes. The primary benefit of using the road spatial data standard remains the organization and documentation of road data to allow users to share spatial data between parks, regions, programs, other federal agencies, and the public, at the national level.
title: National Park Service Public Roads
type: Map Service
tags: ["National Park Service","NPS","Spatial Data Standards","Transportation","Roads","Bridges","Road Bridges","Primary","Secondary","Local","Service","FMSS","Facilities","GIS","Centerlines",""]
culture: en-US
name: NPS_Public_Roads_Geographic
guid: 0411B934-0988-474E-ACAD-ACE08F85C03E
spatialReference: GCS_North_American_1983